Consultants at Webanise

Together, we can turn your e-commerce vision into reality

Depending on your specific needs, we'll assemble a team of friendly specialists who will offer you all the advice and support you need. Here's a little more about our team members:

Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs is a marketing strategist, business mentor and online communication specialist.
His career has encompassed marketing management roles in leading organisations in the finance industry and not-for-profit sector. He also has a keen interest in small business and has owned retail operations in two of Adelaide’s leading retail centres and an import/distribution company.

Mark's clients operate in a wide spectrum of industry sectors including professional service providers, retailers and online businesses.

Mark leads the Webanise team and takes responsibility for meeting the specific needs of each client by assembling the most appropriate team.

His primary focus is on developing marketing strategy and he is passionate about the current revolution in marketing which is shifting influence away from big-budget media and creating opportunities for SMEs to grow rapidly. A major focus is the latest developments in social media marketing and identifying ways to integrate new media with more traditional marketing communication channels.

Mark has an MBA with a specialisation in marketing management.


Wayne McDonald

Wayne McDonald is a success expert! He provides one-on-one business coaching to some of Adelaide’s leading business people, and that’s just in between running corporate training courses and presenting to conferences around the country.

His particular ability is in helping organisations and individuals reach their goals faster, become more productive and profitable and experience less stress.

Wayne has helped change the lives of many business leaders and can provide very down-to-earth and practical training to help business owners become better leaders and managers. He offers staff training to transform corporate cultures if employees lack motivation or necessary skills to serve customers better or be effective sales people.

Wayne’s vast experience spans an international career over 25 years.


Richard Winn

Richard WinnRichard Winn is a ‘Business Improvement Specialist’ who works with business owners to improve profit and turnover, productivity and overall performance.

He offers an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the many challenges facing small, medium and large businesses which is based on many years of hands-on experience. Richard has owned and managed small to medium sized businesses in the housing construction and food manufacturing sectors. He also offers extensive experience in human resource management at senior management and operational levels in the public and private sectors.

Richard helps clients transform their businesses by taking a collaborative approach, helping business owners to change the way they do business at all levels of their operations.